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The One Academy I The Rising Art & Design School


With this tremendous recognition of being ranked World’s No. 1 Best Concept Art & Illustration School in the Rookie Awards 2019 that saw 3,548 entrants from over 500 schools across 89 countries worldwide, it is proven once again that student achievement is The One Academy’s top priority, ensuring its strength in nurturing international creative leaders. It is the first time for Asian educational institution to achieve that great ranking in the world. At the same time, The One Academy also ranked World’s No. 4 Best Architectural Visualisation School, World’s No. 4 Best 3D Motion Graphics School and World’s No. 10 Best Game Design School.



in addition, The One Academy was also named as Creative School of the Year consecutively in 2018 & 2019 in the Student Kancil X sCoolers, a prestigious event regarded as Malaysia's Oscars for advertising. On top of that, it is also recognised as the World's Top 11 School for Animation Program by Animation Career Review. Staying true to its "Masters Train Masters" teaching philosophy for close to three decades. The One Academy has been long recognised as a world-class creative education institution that transforms budding youth into professional industry players.



Our students who have made their success marks in creative industries. Novia Wijaksana created the green concept in offices titled "Dele" incorporated various plants or natural elements into it to provide a fresh outlook on furniture. Nicholas Alviyanto who works for Hakuhodo Indonesia, the winner in the Campaign Brief Asia's Indonesian Creative Agency of the Year, ranked #3 in the hottesr creatives creative rangkings. It shows that The One Academy strive to implement their principle : Masters trains master and produces graduates who are able to meet the demands in creative industries.


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