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Everybody is a Hero


While Thor has magical weather control, Thanos has extremely formidable energy power and Doctor Strange can do time travel. We see each character has his/her strengths but they also have their weaknesses too.


We are not different as them but it depends on us how we think and put ourselves. The most important things in life are internal not external. Comparing ourselves to others allows them to drive our behaviour. Sometimes it’s about something genetic that we cannot avoid, like wishing to be pretty or handsome, but sometimes and more often it’s about something the other person is capable of doing that we wish we could do as well. Maybe Richard is able to great ideas in works compared to you, and maybe Michelle is better in math than you. That comparison behaviors leads you to unhappiness. 


What you should do ? Please remember this : There is one thing that you’re better at than other people: being you. This is the only game you can really win. When you start with this mindset the world starts to look better again. No longer are you focused on where you stand relative to others. Instead, your focus and energy is placed on what you’re capable of now and how you can improve yourself. You may be a hero with high speed level or a hero with great communication skills or another hero with super power ability. 


Be yourself ! Show your super power and play your own game to win. 


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