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Biden’s Win : A Hope for International Students


The country's fall from its popularity in the international education sphere is due to various factors in the recent years: pandemic-related travel restrictions, the complicated administration related to the immigration policies, tightening of post-study work visa regulation, and more making up a steady stream of unwelcome US student visa news.


Joseph R. Biden Jr. crossed the 270 electoral-vote threshold on Saturday and, barring a successful legal challenge, he will be sworn in January 20 as the 46th president of the United States.


International students hope Joe Biden revoke some of Trump's regulations to make US as the great destination to study with the friendlier regulations and administrations including post-study work visa for them. The Trump administration applied the brakes by implementation of a 



series of policies that discouraged foreign students from coming to the United States including Indonesian students.


Biden has promised to be more welcoming to foreign students, i.e. in particular those studying for STEM careers. A tweet in July signaled his intentions:


That shift in tone, and policy, could influence international students who are considering whether to study at American colleges.


SHould we consider America is our study destination as it seems Joe Biden will change the administrations that are friendly for international students to study and work after their study ? Let's for the best ! - JL



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