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When Information Technology Meets Business

One of our students has graduated from the PSB Academy, Singapore with the award from The University of Newcastle, Australia. His passion for Information Technology led him to pursue his study in Information Technology and also get involved in activities beyond the classroom, such as being the Treasurer of the Singapore Computer Society. Through various external events, Stanley could better complement the coursework he undertook while establishing an extensive network with his peers from other universities and industry leaders.


In a competitive environment, he believes that business intelligence and data analytics are important in order to make decisions, create value and develop a sustained competitive advantage. He joined Singapore Management University (SMU) MITB to advance his skills and knowledge. SMU MITB is Asia’s first professional master programme to meet this demand and it promises a robust and systematic understanding across processes, operations, data, technology solutions and management supervision. ?He discovered his passion for Information Technology through Axel Path and he is able to excel in his study and we believe that he will be an outstanding person of the IT field in future!

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