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Our Vision & Mission
At Axel, we have devoted ourselves to one business, education. We strive to explore, unlock and transform students' true potential, give them a competitive advantage in terms of intellectual excellence in an increasingly competitive world. That transformation process relies heavily on the right-fit learning environment. It helps students thrive academically and personally and become the person they want to be. Axel helps students to put all the pieces into places for a good and solid foundation for their future.
We aim to be a reliable, trusted and proficient education solution provider in Asia Pacific.
Family Spirit is Our Trademark
We nurture the family spirit to create the sense of unity and togetherness amongst us. That spirit stems from open and honest communication, respect and caring within workplace. The spirit that prevails at Axel is embodied in a commitment to furnish the warmth of welcome either internally and externally.
Luxurious Service is Our Focus
Customer focus and quality permeates our way of delivering services. Seeing students succeed means everything to us. All our energy has been channelled into realising their dreams in terms of providing reliable and trustworthy education counselling services. This demands the highest level of professionalism and ethics in all our endeavours such as giving sound and explicit advices so that students and their parents can make informed and right choices.
Alliances is Our Backbone
Trust and respect are the foundation of all relationships at Axel. We believe that such a foundation will lead to a good, successful and long-term relationships between our partners sad us. We treat our students and their parents, education institutions, suppliers and the communities as our equal partners.
Passion is Our Energy
Axel is driven by a passion for students’ excellence in education. That passion, the integrity and commitment motivate us to identify a student’s true potential and the learning environment that promotes the student’s growth and development. Our passion empowers others. It enlivens hope for the students’ bright and better future.

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