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At Axel, universities, schools, colleges and prospective students are at the heart of everything we do, and every decision we make. We are committed to delivering a first-class service to all our customers. Our dedicated teams pride themselves on going above and beyond expectations.

Axel Consulting
Axel Beyond
Axel Beyond provides course and career guidance through Axel Path, school and visa application, accommodation arrangement and student departure arrangement. With extensive knowledge and research of courses and educational institutions, our students can make an informed choice in choosing their right-fit course and educational institutions. We also develop student support service that provides assistance for students and their parents during the school year. All Axel counsellors subscribe to a strict set of ethical guideline, Principles of Good Practice that governs the actions of Axel counsellors in providing counselling services to students.
Axel Voyage
Axel Voyage
Educational tours is one of effective learning approach through fun learning and language & culture enrichment programmes. Axel voyage also provides school explorer programme that enable students to compare various schools for their studies. Accepted students has op:ons to join our student departure programme that assist them in managing their first time arrival such as student visa related matter, immigration clearance, opening bank account and familiarisation of public transportation and neighbourhood.
Axel Learning
Axel Learning
No student should be left behind is our belief at Axel Learn. Students have their own potentials to be active learners in achieving their academic goals. We develop a strong team of qualified tutors with aligned curriculum and teaching materials, conducive and mentally stimulating environment. Axel Learn assists students in guiding students' learning during their junior high school and senior high school, preparing their junior high school and senior high school, preparing their English.
Axel Consulting
Axel Amity
Axel is committed to being a socially responsible employer. We strive to contribute to society, especially children and education. Through Axel Amity, we are developing and nurturing goodwill among students, parents, employees and other stakeholders as well as helping children to ger better education and environment to be the next generation equipped with good education and attitude.

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